AphroM x1,8
Charm Units: Aphrodite attempts to permanently charm enemy Hoplites and Archers to fight for her. The power of this ability is equal to the cumulative health of the enemy soldiers. Skeletons and Acolytes of Ares cannot be charmed. This ability is capable of charming Hoplites spawned by Monument to Athena although they will absorb a large portion of the ability's power due to their typically massive hit points.
Charm Building: Aphrodite permanently charms an enemy spawner or tower and provides it with a short duration invulnerability effect. Charmed Towers will prioritize adjacent 8x8 buildings over everything else, making this ability important for taking down Temples. Any buildings with touching sides will be prioritized over buildings with touching corners.
Awe (Ultimate): Aphrodite becomes invulnerable for the duration of the effect and gains a significant cooldown reduction on both Charm Units and Charm Building, rendering these abilities virtually spammable. While under the effect of Awe, enemy minions will cease chasing Aphrodite, thus allowing a wide range of maneuverability and escape tactics.
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