ApolloM x1,8
Flaming Arrows: Apollo empowers his Basic Attack to deal additional damage. In addition, his Basic Attack now splashes in a small radius, making this ability great for clearing minion waves. The splash damage is unrelated to the Basic Attack's damage and is split between all minions until its power is used up. Since the ability has a Strength co-efficient attached to it, Athena's Inspiration can affect it.
Sun Strike: Apollo fires a number of arrows in a line in front of him. The arrows deal instant damage and leave patches of flame on the ground that deal additional damage over time. Multiple arrows can hit the same building if targeted correctly. This ability is particularly effective against rows of Houses or Towers but it can also be used to partially clear a minion wave.
Healing Light (Ultimate): Apollo attempts to restore lost hit points to all active gods. Although the effect appears instantaneous, the healing is dealt in waves, attempting to fully heal the god with the least amount of lost hit points first before moving to the second wave of healing using the same criterion. In each healing wave, the same amount of hit points is restored to all gods. Any overhealing is lost.
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