AresM x1,8
Whirlwind Attack: Ares performs a whirlwind motion during which he can freely move around the map. This ability can devastate enemy minion swarms but is significantly less effective against buildings. While this ability is active, Ares is provided with a substantial damage mitigation effect.
Battle Charge: Ares charges forward in a straight line, obliterating anything he collides with until he reaches his target location or until the power of the ability is spent. Colliding with minions absorbs power from the effect, thus it is advised to avoid any such collisions while planning your charge path.
Bloodlust (Ultimate): Ares empowers himself from the death of units around him. The more units die while the effect is active, the more powerful Ares becomes. At maximum efficiency, Bloodlust can triple Ares damage output through both Battle Charge and Whirlwind Attack, as well as his Basic Attacks. While Bloodlust is active, Ares receives a damage mitigation effect.
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