HadesM x1,8
Necrotic Touch (Passive): Whenever Hades kills a living minion with a Basic Attack, that minion reanimates as a skeleton and fights for Hades. Hades is not required to one-shot minions in order to trigger this ability but he is required to deal the killing blow. The power of this ability is equal to Hades' Strength. This ability also affects Acolytes of Ares.
Reanimate: Hades attempts to create Skeletons to aid him in battle. Although the ability appears to be instantaneous, it operates in three waves. During the first wave, enemy Skeletons will be charmed. During the second wave, Skeletons will be raised from nearby dead minions. During the third wave, Skeletons will be raised from the ground. The strength of this ability is equal to the risen Skeletons' total health. This ability also affects Acolytes of Ares.
Rot: Hades applies a damage over time effect on a target building that spreads to nearby buildings as well. The effect can only deal up to 25% of its listed power to any single building and will continue spreading until all of its power is distributed across the structures. Once this ability deals all the damage it can do, the effect will cease on all buildings regardless of how much duration was left on them.
Summon Cerberus (Ultimate): Hades summons Cerberus to fight for him. Cerberus can both draw fire away from the gods and deal substantial damage himself. Cerberus is melee and cannot be commanded once summoned. Cerberus counts as a deity, and like all other melee deities, his Basic Attack can cleave multiple minions. If Hades dies, Cerberus will remain on the battlefield.
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